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19 Apr 2013

50 Tips - Tips Fotografi

Senarai dibawah ni adalah semua tutorial yang dimention dalam video diatas, nak lagi syok layan video nya okay...

1.UV filters are a complete waste of time
2.Lens hood aren't a necessity
3.If you're not using the Hood put it away
4.Dont treat your DSLR like it's your baby
5.Stop hating on others
6.Get cheap lens caps
7.Pack light
8.Use a zoom for convenience
9.Prime will make you think more
10.35mm is the most practical one lens setup
11.But 50mm just looks better
12.Better camera doesn't make better photos
13.Know how your camera works before going out to shoot
14.Always be ready for the shot
15."P" mode isn't just for beginners
16.Bump the ISO up if needed
17.Auto ISO is your best friend
18.Rely on rule of thirds
19.Take lots of shots
20.Don't take photos of any old shit
21.If your picture isn't good enough you're not close enough -Robert Capa-
22.Comtemplate your shot
23.The best equipment doesn't help if yo're not standing in the best spot
24.Sharpness is overrated
25.Concept is king
26.Don't look like a wrong 'un
27.Don't DRINK and Shoot **
28.Do it when you're full of energy
29.Sometimes it feels great to wake up really early
30.Think about what light you want
31.Emulate some of the style of the greats to get you started
32.But don't keep doing it
33.Photography is as much a reflection of the person taking the photo
34.Shoot to please no one apart from yourself
35.Discreet or direct-It isn't all that important
36.Setting themes keeps you focused
37.Change every once in a while to keep things fresh
38.Everyone has creative blocks
39.Be critical of yourself
40.Seeing is not enough, you have to feel what you photograph -Andre Kertesz-
41.You need to be there with a camera
42.The relationship is about you and the subject not you and the camera
43.Stop chimping
44.Be brutal when it come to deleting awful photos
45.Show only your best
46.Changing photo to B&W doesn't make an uninteresting shot interesting
47.Look at other people's work
48.Post your work online let people critique your work
49.There is no easy way

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